Towing Electrical

  • Brake Controls

    Brake Controls

    We carry both inertia- and time-based trailer brake controllers, including our innovate Echo® mobile brake controller. All can be installed with no slicing required.

  • Custom Wiring & T-Connectors

    Custom Wiring & T-Connectors

    Equip your vehicle with a standard trailer wiring connector. CURT custom wiring harnesses are plug-and-play and vehicle-specific.

  • Original Equipment Replacement Connectors

    Original Equipment Replacement Connectors

    Replace an existing trailer wiring connector with an OE-style USCAR plug or harnesses. Most require no splicing.

  • Extension Harnesses

    Extension Harnesses

    Route power into your truck bed with a CURT extension harness. They provide a standard socket for a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer.

  • Tailgate Sensors

    Tailgate Sensors

  • RV Harnesses

    RV Harnesses

    Connect your vehicle's taillights for dinghy towing with a CURT RV harness. They're vehicle-specific and require no splicing.

  • Taillight Converters

    Taillight Converters

    For vehicles not compatible with CURT custom wiring, a converter offers a splice-in alternative, providing standard trailer wiring.

  • Electrical Adapters

    Electrical Adapters

    Bridge the connection between your mismatched vehicle socket and trailer plug. Many of our adapters install with no splicing necessary.

  • Breakaway Systems

    Breakaway Systems

    In the event of a vehicle-trailer disconnect, help keep your trailer, cargo and fellow drivers on the road safe with a CURT breakaway system.

  • Plugs and Sockets

    Plugs and Sockets

    Find the exact connector you need for your vehicle or trailer with CURT plugs & sockets. We carry all standard formats from 4-way to 7-way.

  • Electrical Testers

    Electrical Testers

    Troubleshoot existing wiring or test new wiring with a CURT electrical tester. We carry all standard sizes to fit most wiring connectors.

  • Towing Lights

    Towing Lights

    Replace the lights on your trailer or equip your vehicle for dinghy towing with CURT towing lights. We also offer a complete trailer light kit.

  • Electrical Components

    Electrical Components

    Complete any wiring job with CURT snap locks, wire connectors, terminals, fuses, slit loom tubing, circuit breakers, relays and more.