Towing Accessories

  • Rebellion XD Ball Mount and RockerBall

    Rebellion XD Ball Mount and RockerBall

    These cushion hitch accessories reduce jerking and jarring for more comfortable towing.

  • BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale

    BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale

    BetterWeigh™ is a mobile towing scale that wirelessly links to your smartphone to display real-time vehicle and trailer weights. It easily plugs into the OBD-II port.

  • Ball Mounts

    Ball Mounts

    CURT offers a wide range of ball mount options to fit any vehicle and trailer. We offer all standard shank sizes, including 3" x 3".

  • Pintle Hooks & Mounts

    Pintle Hooks & Mounts

    Built for construction, agriculture and military applications, CURT pintle hooks and pintle mounts offer superior towing power.

  • Trailer Balls

    Trailer Balls

    CURT trailer balls are available in all standard diameters and three finish options to provide a perfect fit for your trailer coupler.

  • Towing Security

    Towing Security

    Give yourself a secure connection and peace of mind with CURT hitch locks, hitch pins, anti-rattle kits and more.

  • Hitch-Mounted Accessories

    Hitch-Mounted Accessories

    Compatible with any 2" x 2" receiver tube, these accessories add great functionality to the front or rear of the vehicle.

  • Hitch Tube Covers

    Hitch Tube Covers

    Protect your trailer hitch receiver tube from grime, moisture and debris when not in use with a CURT hitch tube cover.

  • Fish Wire

    Fish Wire

    Install carriage bolts in difficult-to-access holes with CURT fish wire. These wires are included with many trailer hitch purchases.

  • Wheel Chocks

    Wheel Chocks

    Add stability and security to your vehicle or trailer with a set of CURT wheel chocks or a key-operated wheel chock lock.

  • Tow Hooks & Tow Straps

    Tow Hooks & Tow Straps

    Give yourself recovery towing capabilities with CURT tow hooks and straps. We offer bolt-on and receiver-mount tow hooks.

  • Sway Control

    Sway Control

    Reduce the unsafe side-to-side motion of your trailer with a sway control unit mounted on your WD hitch or sway tab ball mount.

  • 5th Wheel Accessories

    5th Wheel Accessories

    Optimize fifth wheel operation with CURT fifth wheel wedges, locks, lube plates, sound-dampening pads, chain loops and much more.

  • Gooseneck Accessories

    Gooseneck Accessories

    Maximize the life and function of your gooseneck hitch with specialized gooseneck balls, hitch hole covers and replacement parts.

  • Tow Mirrors

    Tow Mirrors

    Minimize blind spots with a CURT tow mirror. It easily mounts onto your existing mirrors and provides better visibility around a larger trailer.

  • ATV Towing

    ATV Towing

    ATV towing accessories allow you to tackle projects around the yard and in the field. Choose from ball mounts, cargo carriers and more.

  • Fabrication Components

    Fabrication Components

    Great for welding projects in the shop or on your vehicle, CURT fab components include receiver tubing, hitch bars and more.