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Aqua Lily Pad

We are the Oklahoma Distributor for the Aqua Lily Pad! They are the most fun in the sun!! Chances are you have seen these pads many times at Grand Lake, Tenkiller Lake, Skiatook Lake, Keystone Lake, Oolagah Lake, Ft. Gibson Lake , & Eufaula Lake, this is where they are from! The Aqua Lily Pad is necessary for your next lake, party cove, pool or ocean activity! Use for tanning and relaxing, as a dock or portable island, as a ski platform, or just as a general floating playground! This is not just a kids toy -- Aqua Lily Pads are great for adult parties, too.   WE CAN SEND TO YOU IN THE U.S.A FOR A MINIMAL FEE!

With the Aqua Lily Pad, you and all your friends can sit, walk, run and relax on this amazing floating foam pad. It is virtually maintenance free and with reasonable care will outlast many of the inflatable products on the market. Unlike, inflatable products, the ALP deploys in seconds by simply unrolling. Don't be fooled by the recent local imitations, they are not manufactured, tested and warrantied, they are made in peoples garages! The Aqua Lilly Pad is truly an amazing and unique product. Let the fun begin!

Did you know that Aqua Lily Pads are MADE IN THE U.S.A.? They also spent time, research and money and have the patent for the safest grommet to protect you from getting cut or busting your teeth, UNLIKE all the other floating mats. Other pads use universal metal D-rings! It also is patent in the foam and all additives. They will not mold, will not absorb water, are UVA & UVB protected and color will not fade! Know what you are getting for your money. You want the best in the market that is engineered and MADE by a foam company, not a sub par piece of cut foam from China. Call 918-286-7900

6 x 18ft AQUA LILY PAD is $499.99 (+ tax)
Open dimensions: 18′ x 6′ x 13/8" -- 2 layer
When rolled for storage 6′ tall, approx. 2′ diameter
Weighs 30 lbs.
Holds 1300 lbs. of distributed weight

Unique "Rip Stop Foam" technology
UV Stabilized Protection for Outdoor applications
Aqua Lily Products signature Bungee tether System (6ft long) with 5/8" Spring Clip for attaching to boat, dock or anchor buoy
Owners Manual with use and care instructions including Aqua Lily Products 
1 year Limited Warranty